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We are professional Company

S2C MEP Services offers Mechanical,Electrical, Plumbing sprinkler and Fire protection Engineering services, Assessments &Commissioning.

The Engineering firm has expertise with a wide range of projects from private residences to large industrial warehouses, and possesses a particular finesse with S2C MEP Services PVT LTD.

About Us

The creator of the business, Mr. Hariom Singh Chauhan, is a former army officer who devoted more than 20 years to patriotically serving his nation. His vision for S2C MEP provides services in HVAC (Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning), Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Fighting Designing for hotels, business buildings, residential buildings and townships, hospitals, villas, and research centers among other facilities in India.

A premier engineering consulting company with Head office in Ahmedabad is S2C MEP Services Pvt Ltd.  Having reach experience of more than 15 years, S2C’s core staff has a wealth of project expertise that makes even the most challenging and important areas of projects execution simple.

S2C MEP Services Pvt Ltd provides MEP engineering consultancy services that bring buildings to life. Our engineering consultancy services seamlessly combine knowledge, expertise and experience with an unflinching focus on quality. We cater to the project requirements of both organizations as well as Individual Clients in India.

Our hands-on experience and in-house expertise span High-rise Towers, Residential Complexes & Townships, Commercial Complexes, shopping malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Stadia & Sports Facilities, Airports, Bridges and other Infrastructure Projects, Government and Public Utility Buildings, Educational Institutions, Industrial Structures etc.

Our Mission is: We collaborate with our clients in achieving their business objectives by providing ‘Innovative, Professional and Reliable’ Engineering Consultancy.

We firmly believe in ‘We win when our clients win’.


Our guiding philosophy revolves around ‘Quality, Diligence and Commitment’. We lay high emphasis in implementing Quality in every step of our internal processes and in meeting the external commitments in diligent and committed manner ensuring that we always strive in exceeding the customer expectations.

We believe in ‘Patience in Planning and Impatience in Execution’ and relate to our work by stating ‘Patience in Concept and Impatience in Detail Design’, such that we think through with the client all the aspects and arrive at the best and optimum solution before we go ahead with detail design.

We believe in ‘Inclusive’ growth wherein, our staff members are recognized appreciated and are left with a feeling of ‘Self growth’ which brings a ‘Sense of Ownership’ in meeting the client requirements.



We collaborate with our clients in achieving their business objectives by providing ‘Innovative, Professional and Reliable’ Engineering Consultancy services.


To be ‘The Preferred Engineering Consultancy Partner’ for our clients

Core Values


S2C is committed to supplying products and services which meet stringent quality standards and multiple quality confirmation levels, to provide value for money with the help of innovation and continuously upgraded technology, which leads customer’s satisfaction and enhance loyal customer pool. Integrity, honesty, transparency, competency and objectivity are the working principles of our company.


Our guidance must be thoughtful, informed and creative if we are to deserve your confidence. We don’t just provide long-term planning; we foster a long-term relationship that is close and confidential.

Before we make even a simple recommendation, we get to know you. We want to understand you. We also want you to know us and to endorse our risk controlled approach to planning and investment management.


Our team of professionals works under a client centric approach to make sure that our services meet the requirements on time. We aim at providing hundred per cent satisfactory and quality services to all our clients and have received positive testimony from all our clients.

We hold rich experience for every type of industrial and commercial AC solutions and our team of professionals works hard right from designing the layout and final execution.


There are three crucial values which underpin the work of the S2C MEP Services:

  • Accountability – Everything done by those who work in the S2C MEP Services must be able to stand the test of parliamentary scrutiny, public judgments on propriety, and professional codes of conduct;
  • Probity – there should be an absolute standard of honesty and integrity in handling S2C MEP Services ’s work and resources;
  • Objectivity and Impartiality – The S2C MEP Services’ independence is secured in statute. This underlines the need for us to be objective and impartial in all our work, including accurate, fair and balanced reporting.